Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (2023)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (1)

2020 was a drastic and life-changing year, and 2023 is the year where we make up for all our past careless mistakes and start living more consciously and sustainably. We can no longer ignore the needs of our planet, we need to consider the environment and what better way to start than in our own home. Sustainable furniture is revolutionizing the design industry, a step forward in making our homes and everyday lives more environmentally friendly and sustainable. They are an attempt to get rid of toxic materials and instead add furniture designs to our home that will not rot in the earth for years after we are done with them. We have put together a collection of furniture products made from cork, bamboo and even sea plants! The options are endless and the end result is the same: a greener, healthier and happier Mother Earth!

1. 3D printed chairs

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (2)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (3)

Designed by Johannes Steinbauer Office For Design,these 3D chairsProduced with additive manufacturing and made without the use of fabrics, feathers and foam! And they still manage to be super functional and comfortable. These chairs use rigid pieces instead of typical chair frames.

Why is it remarkable?

The design is quite simple with four legs, a round seat and a single bar at the back. But if you want to add other parts, such as more shelves or fabric, they can be added through 3D printing. The different parts are easy to assemble and disassemble, and when the end of its life is reached, you can dispose of and recycle the different parts separately.

What we like

  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Sustainable design

what we don't like

  • There is no indication of a space-saving version of this design.

2. The Bündner side table

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (4)

(Video) 《总裁小甜妻》01 | 俊朗帅气总裁与性格迥异的两姐妹之间错综复杂的爱情故事

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (5)

Designed by Portuguese architecture and design studio Joana Vilaça Studio,the bundner side tableis a solid wood table artistically inspired by the lifestyle of the Swiss Alps. It's quite an interesting muse for a skinny table, and not very common.

Why is it remarkable?

Joana was inspired by her own life experience in Switzerland, where her studio is located. “Having lived in the beautiful canton of Graubünden, Switzerland for five years, the collection is inspired by the art of living in the Swiss Alps,” he said.

What we like

  • The self-assembling design is ideal for domestic or public interiors, where it can be used as a bedside table, coffee table or side table.

what we don't like

  • It would be great if there was a folding/space saver too

3. El Chatpod 700

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (6)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (7)

There are several flexible options on the market when it comes to office cubicles, but have you found the most durable one? yes, they calledthe Chatpod 700, this sleek and minimalist office pedestal claims to be "the most sustainable office pedestal on the market".

Why is it remarkable?

Made entirely from recycled materials such as post-consumer cardboard, sawdust, rubber and plastic bottles, the Chatpod 700 prides itself on its sustainable composition and sensible shape. Designed by Jeffrey Ibañez for Impact Acoustic, the office cubicle is made ideal for team meetings.

What we like

  • Made with recycled materials.
  • Great space for holding casual informal gatherings.

what we don't like

  • Great space-saving design

4. Oceaniden

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (8)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (9)

Designed by Alexia Mintsouli for British studio Alexa Mint,Oceanidasis a collection of tables made of sea plants and marble. The innovative collection includes a square coffee table and two round coffee tables. One of the side tables has four legs, while the other has a sturdy base.

Why is it remarkable?

Tortora marble from the Peloponnese was used to make the base and legs of the table, while the brown tops were made from a marine plant which gives the table a natural pattern variation.

What we like

  • Local Greek craftsmen were involved in the process, thus boosting the local economy.
  • Designed to promote sustainability + earth conservation

what we don't like

  • No option to customize

5. De drum crow

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (10)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (11)

De drumkrukIt is minimalistic, stylish, stackable and last but not least sustainable! At first glance, the Drum Stool looks like a cute wine cork. But when you dig deeper, you realize there's a lot more to him than his cute looks.

Why is it remarkable?

Teixeira chose materials such as cork and wood to build the stool, which he immediately qualified as very durable. Cork was used to make the seat, while wood was the material chosen for the legs.

What we like

  • The cork seat is comfortable and inviting and offers grip when handling, so that the stool can be easily moved and placed in different positions.

what we don't like

  • The wavy pattern of the graceful cork seat seems uncomfortable to sit on for a long time.

6. Stackable

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (12)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (13)

More than a collection of design furniture in the form of chairs, sun loungers and sofas,stackableit is actually a new system that combines machine precision with human creativity. Simply put, specialized modeling software looks at choices a user or designer makes, such as colors or dimensions, and selects high-quality felt which is then cut by robots for use in furniture production.

Why is it remarkable?

The demand for clothing and upholstery has probably increased in recent years as more people become familiar with well-designed products. This means more materials are used in production, which unfortunately also literally means more waste on the cutting room floor. While some of these materials are biodegradable or at least recyclable, a design company uses them to create furniture that not only looks comfortable, but is also artistically impressive.

What we like

  • Reduces the carbon footprint and enriches and strengthens local economies

what we don't like

  • It may not fit modern contemporary homes.

7. The flying saucer coffee table

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (14)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (15)

This tableit consists of three large UFO shapes in delicious candy colors that support an even larger glass tray that serves as a table and is called the Flying Saucer Coffee Table.

Why is it remarkable?

The combination, especially seen from above, is reminiscent of those glass jars containing countless reed stems that make our mouths water when we look at them. Underneath the UFOs is a steel base plate that creates an eternal shadow for the flying candies, regardless of the light source.

What we like

  • The thermoformed plastic used in the product comes from recycled materials, particularly food packaging, which accounts for approximately 75% of London's plastic household waste.

what we don't like

  • UFO spikes can easily cause us to stub our toes

8 centimeter water

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (16)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (17)

This officeIt draws attention for its minimalist beauty. The furniture is flat and easy to assemble, it does not consist of two pairs of aluminum legs and a plexiglass top.

Why is it remarkable?

The table has a translucent gradient from blue to white, creating an interesting image even when nothing is on it. The choice of color is, of course, intentional and is intended to convey the image of a transparent body of water partially reflecting the blue sky.

What we like

  • It can be made from 100% recycled aluminum and plexiglass, and the flat-pack design results in a lower carbon footprint during shipping

what we don't like

  • It shows no way to add drawers, set up cable management or accessories on the glass top.

9. Head to head en Rendezvous

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (18)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (19)

I've found that filling your bathroom with thoughtful designs makes your time in it much more comfortable and fluid. And so is this collection of bath seats from the Italian bath brand Agape! Designed by Marco Carini for Agape,The collectionincludes two chair designs made from recycled cork.

Why is it remarkable?

The first design is called Vis-à-vis and is a sturdy, lightweight stool that doubles as a miniature side table. The second design is Rendez-vous and is a bench that serves as an extended seat for toilet users. Both designs act as comfortable places to sit and relax in the bathroom.

What we like

  • Made from recycled cork
  • The curved shape resembles someone smiling.

what we don't like

  • Not suitable for smaller footprint bathrooms.

10. The 4 p.m. lounge chair

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (20)

Top 10 sustainable furniture designs that are the green additions your home needs - Yanko Design (21)

It consists of flat and curved elements,Deckchair om 16.00 uurDesigned to create comfort with hard material. Made of Douglas fir or cherry wood, the only upholstered part of the 4PM chaise longue is the leather headrest. Balancing on his upper back, Massproductions held the headrest in place with a steel weight.

Why is it remarkable?

Massproductions is a slow moving furniture company, don't be fooled by the name. Since the furniture company only develops a few pieces a year, those that go into production guarantee top quality construction and longevity. By relying on an efficient, sustainable and high-quality industrial production process, the company's designers ensure the integrity of Massproductions' vision. Company founder Chris Martin developed the 4PM Chaise Longue Chair to reinforce the company's commitment to quality and produce a durable, ergonomic chair for long-awaited R&R.

What we like

  • Sustainable design and production process
  • ergonomically designed

what we don't like

  • It doesn't seem very comfortable to sit for long hours.



What type of furniture is most sustainable? ›

What is the most eco-friendly material for furniture? Ethical wood furniture is #1 among sustainable furniture materials, not least because it's biodegradable. The most sustainable wood furniture is cork or eco-friendly bamboo furniture because both of these materials are renewable, regenerative, and fast-growing.

What is green sustainable furniture? ›

Sustainable furniture is a type of furniture that uses materials with a minimal negative impact on the environment. Sustainable furniture commonly uses: Materials that come from renewable sources or recycled. Materials with minimal chemicals that can pollute the environment and harm the population.

How will you create an eco-friendly furniture? ›

Sustainable furniture should be made from renewable and nontoxic materials, such as natural wood, bamboo or recycled materials. Avoid using materials that are harmful to the environment, or that cannot be recycled, repaired or restored, such as those that include plastics or toxic chemicals.

How can I make my home interior more sustainable? ›

Here Are 37 Ways to Make Your Home More Earth-Friendly
  1. Insulate your house.
  2. Opt for air sealing.
  3. Use energy-efficient air conditioners.
  4. Choose hydronic radiant heating.
  5. Invest in solar panels.
  6. Opt for high-performance windows.
  7. Install a smart thermostat.
  8. Choose eco-paints and wallpapers for your walls.
Jun 9, 2022

What furniture materials are eco-friendly? ›

The 6 Most Popular Sustainable Hospitality Furniture Materials (and 3 materials to avoid)
  • Organic Fabrics. ...
  • Bamboo. ...
  • Sustainable Wood. ...
  • Cork. ...
  • Stone. ...
  • Reclaimed Materials. ...
  • Plastics. ...
  • Finished Wood.
Jul 29, 2022

What material is sustainable instead of wood? ›

Bamboo, flax, hemp and wheat straw are just a few of them. Even though there are more than 100 tree species in most forests, the majority of our wood products are made from the same two dozen or so tree species because the consumer demand for this type of wood is high.

What is the most sustainable wood for furniture? ›

The most sustainable furniture woods are black cherry, beech, maple, ash, eastern red cedar, mango, and bamboo. These woods are highly available thanks to large populations and wide natural ranges. Also, they are strong and dense woods, making them durable materials for all types of furniture.

What are sustainable green spaces examples? ›

Types of greenspace
  • Community woodlands.
  • Green roofs.
  • Landscape around buildings.
  • Street trees.
  • Urban parks and gardens.
  • Wetlands.

What is eco-friendly home decor? ›

Macrame wall art, bamboo furniture, hyacinth furniture and planters, wicker cane furniture, rattan furniture, jute bags and rugs, organic cotton, pottery, and other sustainable home decor products are typically handmade by local artisans.

What are examples of eco-friendly design? ›

There are examples of eco-design in all kinds of consumer goods, such as biodegradable furniture, recycled tableware, edible coffee cups and bamboo sunglasses or toothbrushes, as well as clothes and shoes made with plastic recovered from the ocean and ecological gold jewellery.

Is Ikea furniture eco-friendly? ›

We constantly look for ways to get the most out of every step in our production. Our two biggest raw materials today are cotton and wood, used in many of our products. Ensuring that these are sourced and used in a sustainable way is crucial and can make a big difference for our planet.

What are 4 eco-friendly products? ›

Eco Friendly Home Items
  • Certified Compostable Bin Liners. ...
  • Recycled Toilet Tissue. ...
  • Recycled Plastic Toothbrush. ...
  • Recycled Sari Table Linen Collection. ...
  • Recycled Plastic Rugs. ...
  • Ballpoint Pens Made From Recycled Water Bottles. ...
  • Eco Friendly Decking. ...
  • Recycled Floor Mats.

What furniture fabric is easiest to clean? ›

Easiest Upholstery to Clean

Polyester, leather, nylon, and acrylic are a few fabrics that are both durable and easy to clean.

What material is not sustainable? ›

Polyester, acrylic, rayon, nylon and conventional cotton are the least sustainable fabrics. Polyester is often used in clothing items, and most polyesters are non-biodegradable, so it can take up to 200 years to break down if it ends up in a landfill.

What is the most sustainable material to use? ›

Best Types of Sustainable Building Materials
  • Timber. Timber is one of the best sustainable materials you can use in your project, and that's not just favouritism talking! ...
  • Recycled Steel. ...
  • Earth. ...
  • Reclaimed Timber. ...
  • Bamboo.
Apr 5, 2022

Which material is more sustainable? ›

The means of production can often use toxic chemicals. Make sure that you understand the lifecycle of the materials that you are using and don't use materials that have been produced in harmful ways. Example of sustainable materials are bamboo; wood; hemp; wool; linen; straw; clay, stone, sand; beeswax; and coconut.

What color wood furniture is timeless? ›

A popular search on this subject is, “What color wood is timeless?” My answer to that would be, nothing too red, nothing too orange, nothing too gray. Grayed wood tones are gorgeous and are what are “in” and most available to us right now.

What is the most sustainable wood for flooring? ›

Oak floors are considered to be one of the most sustainable because U.S. forest management and protection programs make sure these trees are regularly replanted in forests. Plus, oak has a smaller carbon footprint and releases fewer toxic emissions during the manufacturing process than other options.

What wood makes the best furniture? ›

The Best Wood for Furniture

“For outdoor furniture, species such as teak and mahogany work well. For indoor furniture such as tables and chairs, hardwoods such as oak and cherry are great.” But in some cases, softer woods can be used, so long as their construction is extra sturdy.

What are 4 examples of environmental sustainability? ›

Clean water and sanitation: Such as learning to avoid wasting water. Climate action: Acting now to stop global warming. Life below water: Avoiding the use of plastic bags to keep the oceans clean. Life on land: Planting trees to help protect the environment.

What is green sustainable design? ›

Green design, also known as sustainable design or green architecture, is a design approach that integrates environmental advocacy into building infrastructure. Common elements of green design include alternative energy sources, energy conservation, and reuse of materials. Some concepts directly pertain to architecture.

What is the largest green building in the world? ›

1. Shanghai Tower, China. China's tallest green skyscraper is built to enhance the vertical community comprising nine zones stacked one above the other. The asymmetrical form of the building is derived to build a lighter structure.

How do you bring nature into home decor? ›

Physical Ways to Bring Nature Indoors

Grow herbs on a windowsill, bring in some potted lemon or lime trees, cacti, or create terrariums throughout your home. Incorporate plants in every room of your home. Turn your bathroom into a spa with plants that thrive in humidity.

What is an eco-friendly accessory interior design? ›

Eco-friendly or sustainable interior design consciously attempts to limit the impact of humanity on the natural environment. This can mean utilizing organic, non-toxic, and repurposed materials and finishes that improves air quality in the home.

What is the difference between eco design and sustainable design? ›

Ecodesign is a sustainable design approach. Whilst sustainable product design focuses on both social and environmental sustainability – Ecodesign focuses only on reducing environmental impact at every step of your product's life cycle.

What are eco interior design materials? ›

'Materials like wood, natural stone and soft goods such as hemp, linen, and wool are all great solutions for a sustainable design,' says Kerrie Kelly, founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. 'These materials also have organic, textural interest, providing a soothing aesthetic for interiors.

What is IKEA's furniture style? ›

Many of the IKEA furniture sets come in modern and mid-century modern designs. This style seamlessly blends functionality and sleek composition. The sets are practical while also making a decor statement with their understated elegance.

Why is IKEA furniture so good? ›

Material Quality

IKEA is known for their streamlined and affordable furniture products. Due to their low prices and the need for their items to be self-assembled, most of their wooden items feature specialty veneers over particle board.

Why is IKEA going green? ›

Developing sustainable products

The company is investing in research and development to create products that use less energy and resources and have a longer lifespan. For example, IKEA developed furniture made from renewable materials, such as bamboo, and is working to improve the recyclability of its products.

What is the most sustainable house size? ›

A four-person family should be living in an 860-square-foot home. If the world used resources sustainably and equitably, the average home for a single person would be no larger than 215 square feet, and a four-person family would live in no more than 860 square feet.

How to live 100% sustainably? ›

My golden rules
  1. Use what you already have (if there's anything you take away from this post, make sure it's this tip)
  2. Take care of what you have.
  3. Swap before you shop.
  4. Buy used.
  5. Buy only what you need.
  6. Remember your reusables. ...
  7. Eat the food you buy (reduce your food waste!!)
Nov 11, 2019

What are the most sustainable houses? ›

Hemp houses are becoming popular because the material is resistant to insects and therefore does not need to be chemically treated with insecticide. Rammed earth and straw bale are other popular choices. Sustainable homes should have showerheads, toilets, taps, etc, which are WELS rated at three stars or more.

How do you know if furniture is sustainable? ›

The most obvious place to start is to see what it is made from. Wood, if responsibly sourced, is a great material to choose as it is renewable, but is not suitable for many furniture designs. When looking at furniture comprising of plastic and metals, recycled materials are considerably more sustainable.

Does Ikea use sustainable wood? ›

In FY21, the IKEA business reached our more sustainable sources goal, meaning that more than 98%* of the wood used for IKEA products is either FSC-certified or recycled. With our Forest Positive Agenda towards 2030, we take the next step.

Is bamboo furniture more sustainable? ›

Bamboo is a sustainable alternative to woods in making furniture and other household items. The tree-like grass is fast to grow, easy to process, lasts a long time, and can be fully recycled. On top of that, industrial bamboo products have a small carbon footprint or can even be carbon negative.

What does sustainability look like in our homes? ›

A sustainable home is one that is built or retrofitted in a way that conserves resources, optimizes energy and water use and that will last longer with quality systems. A sustainable house is built with low-impact, high-performance materials. They are efficient in terms of manufacturing, shipping and installing.

How do you know if a design is sustainable? ›

What Is Sustainable Design?
  1. Consider what a specific site can bear.
  2. Use that site to its fullest potential.
  3. Minimize the use of non-renewable energies.
  4. Maximize environmentally friendly products.
  5. Conserve water systems.
  6. Manage stormwater and reduce its environmental load.

What makes an interior sustainable? ›

Sustainable interior design is environmentally conscious with an emphasis on recycled materials. It is home design that reduces negative impacts on the environment, while increasing the health and comfort of its occupants, while focusing on eco friendly design.

What is eco-friendly interior design styles? ›

Eco interior design incorporates smart glass, larger windows, and skylights where possible. It also prefers light color schemes that lessen the need for artificial lighting. When it comes to artificial lighting, LEDs or composite fluorescent bulbs are best. They last longer and lower energy consumption.

What are the 7 principles of sustainable construction? ›

Sustainable design principles include the ability to:
  • optimize site potential;
  • minimize non-renewable energy consumption;
  • use environmentally preferable products;
  • protect and conserve water;
  • enhance indoor environmental quality; and.
  • optimize operational and maintenance practices.

What are green materials? ›

What is a green building product or material? Green building materials are composed of renewable, rather than nonrenewable resources. Green materials are environmentally responsible because impacts are considered over the life of the product (Spiegel and Meadows, 1999).

What is an example of a sustainable product? ›

Here are some examples of sustainable products:

Furniture made with recycled or reclaimed wood. Electronics made with recycled materials and energy efficient components. Renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power. Green building materials, such as low-VOC paints and recycled insulation.


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