3 Easy Support Champions in League of Legends for Beginners (2023)


Today we will discuss how to play 3 easy support champions in League of Legends for beginners (2021). The idea behind playing easy champions is always to become familiar with the larger dynamics of the game and to be able to scale and focus on the macro rather than learning the details of the champion.

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3 Easy Support Champions in League of Legends for Beginners (1)

A little about my experience in the game, I've been playing League of Legends Summoners Rift since season 7. During this time I've played every role in the game with a particular focus on mid, top and adc. I can easily reach high gold elo from the start of the game and have reached platinum in multiple seasons. I've played on NA, EUW, and EUNE servers, but mostly on EUW.

As you can see from my knowledge and experience in the game, I've played against a wide variety of champions from easy to very hard, so I can give you some high level advice on who I consider easy. I'll try to state for each champion why I think they're easy beyond the obvious skills. I'll break it down by discussing and analyzing its capabilities. Below I'll talk about the combos you can do with it and how to navigate the swiping phase.

Lux - Easy Support Champion

3 Easy Support Champions in League of Legends for Beginners (2)

Lux is probably one of the most popular champions in the game. He is very versatile and can be played on the center line as well as on the support line. Even though she's a bit stationary, her equipment makes her very easy to play, especially if you can land slick shots. Even if you can't, you can still sit back and use skills to deal damage to enemy champions as it has long-range skills and a very low absolute cooldown. Without going into details, I will now break down his abilities. If you want to find more information about his abilities, you can check out the link.here.

luxury skills

  • passive:Lux's passive is simple: once you hit a champion with an ability, the next auto attack against him is triggered and deals bonus damage. Use it in orbit to abuse the adc for an extra burst of damage and constant pressure with the aery call.
  • Q/Light-link:This is one of the most powerful skills when it comes to assist driving. It's a skill shot, and if you aim it right, you can bind up to two enemies at a time. The thing to keep in mind is that if there is a minion on the wave, it will bind it, so try to use this ability without hitting the minions. The ideal time for this is when the track is pushing and you've just killed all the minions. Other chances are when enemies are out of place or are aggressively moving toward you outside of minion waves.
  • With a prismatic barrier:The barrier provides a shield for you and your ally, the trick here is to overlap your ally so try to stay close to him for easier landing. This can be difficult at times, especially if you have something like a tristana that can aggressively jump on you.
  • Unique E/Lucent:This is your main source of damage that you want to use as a poka in the lane and you will probably maximize this ability first. It has a wide range of effects and also takes a few seconds to detonate. This is especially useful for you, as it creates an isolation zone for enemies, so place it strategically if you want them to stay away from your ally. It also slows them down temporarily so if someone is chasing them use it to slow them down but be careful because sometimes stopping an ability will slow you down too. A good scenario is when you are close to death and just want to save the rest of your team, in which case slowing them down with e.
  • R/last spark:Your finale is your bread and butter. This feature is on the low end and allows you to spam as often as you want. Sometimes you may just want to lower your enemies' total strength to gain an advantage in the lane and make them play more defensively. Other times you can use it as a long-range finisher when your jungler fights the enemy jungler for a crab. The range of this skill makes it suitable for beginners. You can safely kill someone trying to escape with low health and once you shoot them, it's very satisfying!

In general, my favorite ability is Q simply because it can lead to a kill. It's a little harder to land, especially with two people, but knocking down a good Q can change the dynamics of a team fight or even turn the tide on a losing job.

luxe combo's

For combos, Lux has an almost easy variation, which is why it's so beginner-friendly.

  • As a starter, depending on the situation and state of the game, you will almost always want to start with a Q. Having a Q makes it easier to get the rest of your skills. So once you land your Q you can use E to slow down and damage the champion and finish the ultimate and boost it when you run it.
  • Another trigger could be an 'e-zone' to make them walk to the side or close to you if you throw it behind them and then you can land your q easier as you would control where they go. It's then up to your ADC to complete the process and up to you to land and boot up the ultimate. Always remember to use your W to protect yourself and your ally in such situations.

Leona - Easy Support Champion

3 Easy Support Champions in League of Legends for Beginners (3)

Leona is one of the safest supports to play in the game and is very beginner friendly for the opposite reasons of luxury. He has no rank, but he is one of the most stylish champions in the game. It scales pretty well and is unkillable in the late game. Your kit contains not one, not two, but three CCs! There are few champions in the game with this much CC skill and dynamism. Let's start analyzing her abilities, if you want to learn more about Leona you can check out the linkhere.

Leona's abilities

  • passive:If you perform an ability on an enemy, they will be affected by sunlight, and any ally damage directed at them will deal additional bonus damage. You don't need to do anything special here for it to take effect.
  • E/Shield of the Dawn:This ability deals extra damage and at the same time stuns the target for a short period of time. This allows his adc to get close and deal damage and also bind him to the rest of the CC kit.
  • with solar eclipse:Gains extra resistance when activated and also deals extra damage during this time.
  • Blad E/Zenith:This is the Engagement Initiation ability, Leona runs towards an enemy and when she lands, the ability is rooted and deals damage.
  • R/solar flare:His ultimate is one of the best starting teamfight skills. Basically, Leona chooses a location and temporarily stuns everyone in the circle and deals area damage, think of it like an AOE stun!

Leona Kombos

Like Lux, Leona is a good all-around champion who can switch skills and is very forgiving of a beginner due to her gravity. Let's discuss some combinations you can do in your game.

  • Start with your E ability, then use q and w and start attacking them. At this point, the enemy ADC will be essentially immobilized forever, while you'll be supertanky and take very little damage. If they can escape then you can easily use the ultimate wings after that as they have a harder time dodging because they used their ranged ability. Almost always, if you start with E in the worst case scenario, the enemy ADC will come back or possibly be dead.
  • Position yourself close to the enemy ADC and if you get the chance, start with your W to gain gravity, then run into it and use Q. This will save your E as a second slot closer and more stunned. The first stun allows your ADC to deal the first damage and you still have your E to get close to them. If you miss E, you also have a backup as your ultimate that allows you to stun them from a distance, as they've probably already burned their exhausts by this point. While this is more complicated and risky, as you are exposed by walking towards the enemy at the same time, your chances of getting a kill are much higher, and since you have built-in gravity, the risk of death is lower.

Blitzcrank - Easy Support Champion

3 Easy Support Champions in League of Legends for Beginners (4)

Blitzcrank is my all-time favorite accessory and for good reason. It is very satisfying support to play. Because; There's just something about those instant hooks that makes it great. I like the idea of ​​bringing a champ to you as if you were teleporting them to you. Another reason I like Blitzcrank is because it's unique. Sure, many other champions have grappling hooks, but Blitzcrank has something unique. Anyway, since I've played it a lot over the years, I'll try to break it down on a high level to shed some light on some of the intricacies that make it great for beginners. Before you say her primary ability (Q) is a skill shot, just be patient. If you want to find out more information about Blitzcrank, you can read more about himhere.

Blitzcrank skills

  • passive:His passive is extremely simple, in fact he gains a shield proportional to his mana when he drops below health. This means you don't have to do anything and you basically get some survival for free and avoid getting killed. This works especially well with his equipment, as he is a champion who gets close to other champions and can be killed easily.
  • Q/Raketgrijper:Well, there's no Blitzcrank without the rocket grip. This ability makes a champion. Basically, when you connect the hook, you can pull the champion towards you (from his belt).
  • Met overdrive:Gets a temporary speed boost and then slows down. This can be used to intimidate enemies and land a hook later, or you can use it to get closer to the enemy as a smaller gap to increase your chances of landing a hook.
  • E/Power-pons:This ability deals damage and temporarily hits the enemy, you can combine it with your Q or even start with it. More on this below in the combined section.
  • R/static field:This ability deals damage in an area around the blitzcrank (circle) and temporarily silences enemies. So if you throw a hook and use your ult, you can temporarily disable its exhausts.


Blitzcrank, despite being a simple champion, his kit makes him very versatile, especially when it comes to using his abilities and the order in which you use them. I'll outline a few starters below, as he's generally an aggressive champion. Of course, don't start too far if you fall behind (this is where Blitzcrank falls and not a good choice).

  • Long range launch. Temporarily hide in a bush or use W to move to a better position where you have a better chance of landing your hook. Once you've done that try hooking up your hook and immediately use your ultimate (if available) followed by E (knock up) and turn it on. The reason we use ultimate right away when we have it is to prevent the enemy champion from escaping and also if their support comes through to temporarily disable their abilities.
  • The short-term start-up. This is the ideal scenario if you can make it work. The reason is that instead of starting with the long hook, you start with a takedown (E). If necessary, use your W first to get closer to the enemy or use hexflash/flash. Once you get close to them, hit them immediately and use ult to silence them. If they aren't dead to your ADC at this point and are trying to escape, use vaporize/ignite and then try to land your hook to bring them back to you. The second time they will surely die. The caveat here is that it exposes you a bit and also takes you away from your ADC. That's why you need coordination and planning. Try to communicate to your ADC what you would do so they are ready to go with you, otherwise you would CC the enemy without giving them a chance to deal damage. If you're paired with someone like Tristana or a gap-closer like Lucian/Ezreal, they can only get close if you make your move and stay safe, so they're good champions to pair with Blitzcrank.


This was a very high level breakdown with 3 easy to play support champions that could help you rise through the League of Legends ranks starting in 2021. Things may change in the future, but these champions were almost key items. game and I doubt much will change. My personal favorite is the Blitzcrank because of the satisfaction hooks give you, I think I love the adrenaline rush when my hook lands. And if an ADC hooks up and drifts, you're probably dead, especially if your ADC ally is an early champion. Today we will discuss 3 easy support champions in League of Legends for beginners, use the tips and tricks mentioned here to start an easy support RPG adventure.

If you found this article helpful and you think it may have helped you, please give me a thumbs up below, I would appreciate it.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below, I'll check back regularly and try to answer them with priority.
If you have a solution, let me know and I will update the article with any new updates or bugs I made.

Who is your favorite support champion?

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3 Easy Support Champions in League of Legends for Beginners? ›

Nami. To round up the list, we have Nami. She's one of the most basic supports in League, with some great crowd control and healing. With her Q, players have the ability to lock down a champion or two for a few seconds in a bubble, making them easy to eliminate targets for the rest of their team.

Who is the easiest champion to play in LoL? ›

10 Best LoL Champions for Beginners in 2023
  • Garen – the number one among top lane beginner LoL champions. ...
  • Warwick – the best one to learn jungle. ...
  • Annie – friendly to play and immense damage. ...
  • Master Yi – the right-click champion. ...
  • Amumu – the teamfight beginner LoL champion. ...
  • Malphite – rock-solid top laner to handle pressure.
Feb 17, 2023

Are there good supports for beginners in League? ›

Nami. To round up the list, we have Nami. She's one of the most basic supports in League, with some great crowd control and healing. With her Q, players have the ability to lock down a champion or two for a few seconds in a bubble, making them easy to eliminate targets for the rest of their team.

Who is the best support character in League? ›

12 Best Support Champions In League Of Legends Right Now
  • 8 Sona.
  • 7 Pyke.
  • 6 Janna.
  • 5 Rakan.
  • 4 Thresh.
  • 3 Senna.
  • 2 Blitzcrank.
  • 1 Milio.
Apr 30, 2023

What is the easiest support to play League of Legends reddit? ›

My top 10 would be:
  • yuumi.
  • sona.
  • karma.
  • soraka.
  • seraphine.
  • lulu.
  • janna.
  • leona.
Aug 23, 2022

What is the easiest role in league? ›

The AD Carry is arguably the easiest role in League of Legends with the least responsibilities. Even though it's the easiest role, we don't mean to say that it's a brain-dead role that does nothing throughout the game because it's actually the most important role to determine your success in the game.

Who is the easiest jungler? ›

Sejuani is one of the easiest beginner junglers to pick up in League of Legends because of her tankiness and ability to clear jungle camps with ease. She is a very easy jungler to learn because the execution for ganks is really easy.

Is Yuumi beginner friendly? ›

Riot Games are also keeping Yuumi as a beginner-friendly champion. She will be available from the Shop for 450 Blue Essence, so new players can experience League of Legends with a reasonably simple champion.

What position is best for beginners in League of Legends? ›

Top Lane Focus

It's also a good idea to learn how to deal with the most common enemy champions you'll encounter at the top lane. This will give you an understanding of when you're outmatched or have the advantage. New players will find the top lane a great environment to get started in League of Legends.

What are the 4 types of supports in league? ›

If you broke them down you could argue that there are generally four types of support champion: healers and shielders, pokers, catchers, and tanks. Knowing how each one best works with the team can make your drafting decisions much easier, so you can find better chances to synergise with the potential of your allies.

What champs can play support? ›

10 Best Support Champions in League of Legends
  • Braum. With a health bar as broad as his shoulders, Braum is unlike any other support. ...
  • Yuumi. One of the easiest yet strongest support champions, Yuumi often finds herself being her team's unsung hero. ...
  • Thresh. ...
  • Nautilus. ...
  • Senna. ...
  • Lulu. ...
  • Alistar. ...
  • Soraka.
Jul 24, 2022

What is the hardest character to play in LoL? ›

League Of Legends: The Hardest Characters To Play, Ranked
  • 8 Nidalee.
  • 7 Akali.
  • 6 Qiyana.
  • 5 Corki.
  • 4 Aphelios.
  • 3 Kalista.
  • 2 K'Sante.
  • 1 Azir.
Apr 8, 2023

Who is the hardest League of Legends support? ›

1. Thresh. If there is one champion to master, then put Thresh on your list. He's one of the best support champions in any meta thanks to his crowd control, his engage potential and his constantly scaling armor thanks to his passive.

How to play with a bad support LoL? ›

To do this, you need to put yourself in a position of aggression and force the enemy ADC to walk backward. If they walk backward and out of XP range, congratulations, you've zoned them away from the minion wave. If they stay forwards, you can look to play aggressively with the help of the Support.

Is support really the easiest role? ›

Kind of a flawed argument. Support without a doubt is the 'easiest' role, but that means nothing tbh. At the end of the day you need to outperform the enemy support, and true skill comes from learning to create those advantages better than the opponent.

Is League hard for beginners? ›

League of Legends – or LoL as it is commonly known – is one of the more complex games to grasp in the first few weeks or months of playing. The learning curve in LoL is quite steep, and most players will take a long time before they are confident enough to take their skills and share them with the world.

Who is the best level 1 in league? ›

Darius. Perhaps one of the best-known level 1 powerhouses in League of Legends is Darius, who almost any enemy will want to avoid in a level 1 trade in the top lane.

What junglers can solo carry? ›

  • Wukong most popular build. Jungle ∙ Patch13.12 ∙ Win Rate51.6% Runes. ...
  • Rammus most popular build. Jungle ∙ Patch13.11 ∙ Win Rate54.7% Runes. ...
  • Amumu most popular build. Jungle ∙ Patch13.12 ∙ Win Rate53.8% ...
  • Viego most popular build. Jungle ∙ Patch13.12 ∙ Win Rate53.8% ...
  • Udyr most popular build. Jungle ∙ Patch13.12 ∙ Win Rate51.3%
Jan 6, 2023

Who is the best jungler to climb solo? ›

Nocturne – global map presence

If you're looking for a fun and strong jungler to play in solo queue, we definitely recommend playing Nocturne and there are two main reasons for it.

Is jungle the least played role? ›

Jungler is the red-headed stepchild of League roles, rarely appreciated and often blamed. Leading it to be the least played role.

Is Yuumi or Lulu better? ›

Lulu wins against Yuumi 46.33% of the time which is 2.26% lower against Yuumi than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Lulu wins against Yuumi 0.56% less often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Lulu build & runes against Yuumi.

What race is Yuumi? ›

A magical cat from Bandle City, Yuumi was once the familiar of a yordle enchantress, Norra. When her master mysteriously disappeared, Yuumi became the Keeper of Norra's sentient Book of Thresholds, traveling through portals in its pages to search for her.

Who pairs best with Yuumi? ›

Jhin – one of the best and most enjoyable ADC to play with Yuumi. Even though Jhin is not considered a hypercarry, he's still super strong if Yuumi is by his side. This is because Jhin can take advantage of Yuumi's peeling abilities, and the extra movement speed to make his kiting job easier.

What Lane is Annie? ›

Annie is a mid-lane mage. She has a great laning phase, she can play passive and stay back whilst last hitting minions with her Disintegrate. With Annie, the most important thing you need to keep track of is how many stacks you have on your Passive, Pyromania.

What is Aurelion Sol good at? ›

Aurelion Sol takes off flying for a long distance. Aurelion Sol projects a blast of pure starfire, damaging and slowing all enemies caught in it and knocking nearby enemies back to a safer distance.

What are the 5 roles in lol? ›

In League of Legends, there are five lanes/roles: Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot/ADC, and Support.

How do you become a good support League? ›

  1. 1) Vision. Starting off with the easy ones, Supporting means you support the team. ...
  2. 2) Vision Denying. ...
  3. 3) Understanding your Support's Strengths and Weaknesses. ...
  4. 4) Watch the map. ...
  5. 5) Do NOT drag your AD Carry down. ...
  6. Conclusion.

How to get blue essence fast? ›

How To Get Blue Essence In League of Legends?
  1. Levelling Up between Summoner levels 1 and 30.
  2. From Summoner level 5 champions capsules are awarded at level ups, which can be disenchanted for Blue Essence.
  3. Completing missions during special events like Lunar Revel.
  4. First Win of the Day grants 50 Blue Essence.
Aug 9, 2022

How do I get more gold as a support? ›

One of the most obvious ways for a Support to get gold is through kills and assists. Each kill and assist is worth a certain amount of gold and getting your hands on as many of these throughout the game is a great way of increasing and gaining a gold lead.

Who is the biggest villain in LoL? ›

Type of Villain

Cassiopeia Du Couteau, simply known as Cassiopeia or The Serpent's Embrace, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, and appeared as the main antagonist in Shurima: Descent into the Tomb and an anti-villain in Rise of Shurima.

Who is the saddest character in League of Legends? ›

Amumu - The Sad Mummy.

Should I play support in League? ›

Despite often being viewed as the simplest role in League of Legends, Supports are instrumental in enabling their team to achieve victory. Whether you enjoy keeping your friends alive in a teamfight, or finding the winning engage onto the enemy carry, Supports bring a myriad of options and playstyles to the table.

How many support champs are there in League? ›

Supports are those champions that want to empower their allies by proving healing and shielding, or grant them extra damage. They are usually squishy but have powerful tools to protect themselves and their own team. Now that Milio is added to the League roster, there are a total of 36 support champions in League.

What does support do? ›

A support employee is responsible for assisting the business operations and responding to customers' inquiries and concerns regarding its goods and services. Support logs all customers' interaction and escalates potential complaints to the appropriate department.

Who is the smartest character in LoL? ›

The Top 5 Smartest LoL Champions
  1. Zilean.
  2. Heimerdinger. ...
  3. Bel'veth. ...
  4. Jayce/Viktor. ...
  5. Jhin. Jhin has always been described as a criminal mastermind who masterfully murdered his victims while managing to cover his tracks. ...
Apr 19, 2023

Who is the fastest character in LoL? ›

Master Yi technically wins the prize as the champion with the highest base movement speed stat at the start of the game and without any added buffs.

Who is number 1 in League of Legends? ›

Ruler JD Gaming

How to be calm when playing lol? ›

13 Ways to Remain Calm During Your Game
  1. Stay focused on the present. ...
  2. Play as if winning doesn't matter. ...
  3. Only think about what you can control. ...
  4. Do not outwardly release your frustration between each turn. ...
  5. Have fun. ...
  6. Keep your mind distracted before the match. ...
  7. Rebound quickly from mistakes. ...
  8. Do not fall for intimidation.

How to play lol without getting addicted? ›

If you're lacking self discipline from playing the game, uninstall the game and try to take a few months off from it. Try to find other interests, try new things, become detached from the game. Once you've become detached and realize that it's just a game and it isn't everything, try to play it here and there.

How do you carry a bad ADC? ›

How to Play Support with a Bad ADC
  1. Lower your expectations.
  2. Communicate via pings.
  3. Mute them.
  4. Leave lane and help your allies.
  5. Don't forget about XP.
  6. Ward for your ADC.
  7. Don't flame them.
  8. Remember your win condition.
Jun 7, 2021

Who is the hardest LoL champion to play? ›

League Of Legends: The Hardest Characters To Play, Ranked
  • 8 Nidalee.
  • 7 Akali.
  • 6 Qiyana.
  • 5 Corki.
  • 4 Aphelios.
  • 3 Kalista.
  • 2 K'Sante.
  • 1 Azir.
Apr 8, 2023

Who is the best level 1 champion in League of Legends? ›

Darius. Perhaps one of the best-known level 1 powerhouses in League of Legends is Darius, who almost any enemy will want to avoid in a level 1 trade in the top lane.

Who is the only champion removed from League of Legends? ›

When he was released on June 13, 2013, Aatrox was a very exciting champion with a cool story, and the first of his kind, a darkin. The issues he faced were his clunky spells, not interacting with each other, and bad gameplay design.

Which champion has highest win rate? ›

A champion that holds the tide of time, patches, preseason changes, and all and still only improves it's winrate is Nilah, the Joy Unbound.


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